4 thoughts on “Notes from my talk on Information Security Fundamentals”

  1. I read this report with JOY!
    At times, as I’m writing an email, I’ve decided to delete phrases which (in this crazy world we live in) could possibly create problems for me or the mail recipient. Perhaps it is overcaution on my part. But I’ve simply lived too long.

    I’m DEFINITELY going to read the material and sign up for it.

    Question: will it be simple enough that I can install it and use it???


  2. After reading about the British couple who came as tourists to the US and were wrung through the wringer because of some stupid bureaucratic interpretation of malice in some of their social network communications, due to an obtuse misunderstanding of British colloquialisms, it is clear that private communications are being monitored. It will be a great day when a simple to use encryption service becomes ubiquitous.

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