10 simple questions to evaluate a software development organization

All credit and inspiration for the questions below goes to Joel Spolsky’s The Joel Test and Bill Tudor’s 2010 update.

My version differs in two aspects:  First, has just ten questions ordered from highest to lowest priority (in my personal opinion).  Second, in addition to yes/no questions, it asks open-ended questions intended to give more informative answers in an interview or an analysis of a software team.

  1. Do you use source control? What kind?  What are the requirements/checks to check in code (assignment to work items, unit tests, peer review, etc)?
  2. Do you use a bug database to track all issues? How do you track progress and manage change?
  3. Do you use the best tools money can buy? For example: MSDN/Apple Dev accounts, dual monitors, and powerful workstations.
  4. Do you have a dedicated QA team? Are they involved in the requirement/release management process?
  5. Do you fix bugs and write new code at the same time? How do you balance the two?
  6. Do programmers have quiet working conditions and team meeting rooms?  Describe them.
  7. Do you solicit feedback from end users or customers during the development process?  How is it used?
  8. Do you do a daily build? Do your builds include automated unit tests?
  9. Do you have a requirements management system? Is it integrated with your source control?
  10. Do you create specification/requirements documents? Do you do it before, during, or after writing code?

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  1. Hmm, Interesting. I have a quick question. Can you please elaborate why sourcecontrol kind is important? (I have never thought the type of sourcontrol would be i mportant)

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